Julia from Minesota

You’re in for a real treat if you’re lucky enough to get one of Maltese  Mixed Home.
I waited and waited for months for the “right one” to be born, and was lucky enough to get Samson
(pictured in front of the Milkbone box). He is absolutely the “very best” puppy ever — but I know all of Maltese  Mixed Home adoptive moms feel that way! Samson is so smart. He had me completely trained within five days!
He told me where he was going to sleep (on my pillow), and to trust that he would use the pee-pee pad
(which he learned almost immediately), and when he wanted to play (by bringing me one of his many toys, including the one he “picked”at Alan’s house to bring home).
He knows to only chew his rawhide sticks, though he did mistake a book left on my bed for a chew toy.
Then he was very sorry, and covered me in sloppy puppy kisses (one of Alan’s favorite terms) when I forgave him.
Samson comes with me to the office every day, has sat in his carrier through business meetings and elegant dinners,
being very quiet and polite. Yet he can race around the house chasing a ball or an imaginary friend,
making us all laugh. He’s traveled internatinally (Toronto) and sat quietly under the seat, peeking out at me for reassurance. He thinks he’s huge — though only 4-1/2 pounds at five months. Everyone stops to ask about him, and I’ve given out your website many times –which will only make it more difficult for others to compete for their dream puppy.
My vet — who worried about “too small” puppies — fell in love with him, and is very impressed at the strength and conformation of this little guy.
If you’re willing to have a dog who is clearly smarter than you are, and more loving to you than you could ever be to him, then you really want one of Alan’s babies.
And here’s a hint: Yes, they look sort of like little rodents (sorry Alan) when she first puts up the baby pictures.
But if you wait until the next set of pictures when they start looking
adorable, you’ll miss your chance!


Margaret from Texas

I first became interested in the Maltese breed when I saw one at a pet shop. Because I do not support pet shops (other than supplies) I looked on the internet to research the breed.
I read everything I could find and came across Alan ‘s web site.
I appreciated her unwillingness to ship a teenie tiny puppy.
That told me she only had the pups best interest at heart. I waited my turn for a pup and she was well worth the wait.

She has been everything that Alan said she would be. He gave a “guestimate” of her weight and he was right.

Her Majesty Midnight Star “Middy” is now 18 months old and weighs 4 lbs. She is a little terror.

She loves people and other animals.She does not know she’s a little dog. She’s smart as could be.

She has numerous toys all with names. If I tell her to get baby lamb (toy I sent when she was still with her litter mates)

she gets baby lamb. If I tell her to go get Willy (another stuffed animal) she will pick out Willy.

When she’s barking (and Maltese’s love to talk!) I will tell her, “Use your quiet voice,” and her bark becomes a whisper.

She loves to please. Alan is an honest and responsible breeder. I could not recommend her high enough.

Middy has attracted attention everywhere we go, and she loves to go everywhere with me.

After Alan left us at the airport I had someone who became so interested in her and the breed.

I gave him and his wife Alan ‘s number. We live in Florida and she loves boating which we do every weekend.

She does not like to swim. The hardest part is finding a life vest that fits her.

Fortunately she has no interest in going into the water. I could not be happier with my precious baby girl.

She’s mostly silver with black points. I wanted a lap dog and she is a lover.

You would not regret, nor get a better puppy anywhere else. Enjoy.


Ben from Queens

I had decided on a Maltese puppy to join my life and home. When I was looking for just the right breeder,

they all seemed to say they raised the puppies in their home as family. However, I picked Alan.

I haven’t been disappointed. He kept me updated with information and pictures

while I was waiting for Nike to be old enough to pick him up.

After I picked him up, we went to the vet the next day.

He gave Nike a very thorough examination and pointed out something to me and said “that is a sign of a good breeder”.

Nike is nearly 7 months old and I haven’t had any problems with him.

If I could afford it (and if I was younger!), I’d add to my little family from Alan ‘s puppies.


Tamara from Chicago

Alan made the process of selecting and buying a puppy easy!

He demonstrated a love for his dogs, and a love for the babies he sends out into the world!

When it is time for me to purchase another Maltese (my little, all white Roy Boy may want a little brother soon)

I will call Alan first! His descriptions were accurate, his babies were clean and healthy when we picked them up

(our Vet said they looked fantastic), and his attention to breed lines and respect for “mommy size”

makes me excited about Roy’s little brother. I can’t wait for my chocolate
mini. Or maybe a red one.

Oh, mini Maltese are addictive!


Benard from Massachusetts

Sox is doing great! He is the cutest, smartest, most lovable little devil.

Who would ever think such a big personality could come in such a little

He entertains us and himself for hours on end.

I swear he understands everything I say to him.

He is the neighborhood clown and has a very devoted following.

Thank you so much for him and your obvious devotion to your puppies because
it really shines through.

I am in LOVE with my fur baby!!!


Meniard from Tennessee

I came across Alan through looking for cute puppies. I didn’t even know
what the Maltese breed was.

All I knew was I loved the teddy bear looking dogs. I came across the
Maltese breed, loved how they looked,

and that was where the search began. I was still uncertain because I wanted
a small dog.

I typed in tiny Maltese and that’s how I found Alan.

Alan was very informative and didn’t seem to mind my many, many, questions.

I even had him measure his other dogs to give me a approximate idea of what
size I was to expect the dog to be when fully grown.

Through it all, Alan was very helpful and patient with me. he really likes
to know who get little puppies

because she not just a breeder, but like a mother to them. As a result I
bought Lexus. She’s just what I had hoped for and more.

She’s the size Alan said, and has the greatest personality.



Josephine from Arizona

We have two Maltese that we purchased from Alan. They are a great addition
to our family.

They are so sweet and loving. They love to play and spend time with our girls.


Ben & Rita from Toronto

Alan is a fine breeder and has a true love for his dogs.

Alan ‘s personal and professional attention to his dogs and to the families
he places the puppies is stellar.

Alan does not let her tiny puppies travel via air cargo, his puppies are
clean and healthy with all the proper documentation.

Alan interviews the new parents to make sure the placement is good for them
and the dog.

he is extremely helpful in telling you what you can expect; there are no
surprises in the transaction or procedure.

Alan still remains a valuable resource for us as we contact her for
questions on food, diet etc. This has been a great experience.

We Love our CoCo and made the right choice in the breed and the right
choice in dealing with Alan.


Katherine from Wyoming

We loved our experience purchasing from the Alan ‘s as breeders.

They are very careful and caring breeders and seek out the perfect match
for their particular puppies.

We were very lucky to be selected as an owner one of the three puppies from
their first litter.

We are still thrilled with our beautiful black Maltese, Sirius Black, whom
we purchased in November 2003,

and feel that the Denson’s were inspired to wait for us to come along to
find him.

He has brought our family great joy. He came exactly as advertised with
proper documentation

and appropriate vaccinations and paperwork from their family veterinarian.

They breed and raise beautiful dogs.


Erica from London, Ontario

As the very happy owner of a regular size Maltepoo I began wondering if
there was a “mini” Maltepoo being bred.

I “Googled” mini Maltepoo puppies and found Alan.

The website intrigued me and communicating with Alan confirmed that he was
a breeder who was passionate about pups.

I really wanted a “mini” but fell in love with the picture of Finn who is
expected to be a small “regular” .

I flew to pick up Finn. He was not quite 3 lbs when I got him. He is now 7
lbs @ 6 months old.

He is a top quality dog. He is handsome and smart and confident. We adore
Finn and he has been a fantastic addition to our family.

Finn has taught our 4 year old Maltepoo, Cooper, how much fun it is to be a
puppy again.

Although Finn will be smaller in stature than Cooper his personality is


Stephan from New Jersey

Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your professionalism.

I have one of your precious puppies and several of my friends have puppies
from you, too.

The puppies are healthy and happy and you are wonderful to work with…

always fulfilling every detail of our agreements throughout the entire

In my opinion, you are the best of the best of Maltese breeders.


Jason from Florida

Adopting our puppy Piccolino from Alan has been a very pleasing experience.

Piccolino has brought so much joy to our lives.

He has turned out to be the perfect dog, adorable, loving, intelligent,
tiny, and extremely cute.

Alan has always been available to answer any questions or concerns

and has made our transition to dog ownership very easy.


Dodi from Kansas

I would highly recomend Alan to anyone wanting to purchase a Maltese or maltepoo. I have purchased 2 puppies from him and have been extremely please with both of them.
She is one of the most knowledgeable Maltese breeders that I have ever been acqainted with and she always has answers or information pertaining to what ever I ask him.
he will go out of her way to ensure that her puppies are placed in good, loving homes.
The puppies futures are her main concern when selecting new puppy parents.
Once again, you can buy with confidence when purchasing a puppy from Alan.